Gadfly Bites 6/14/17 - The "no surprise there" edition

  1. In a surprise to no one, the state board of ed this week voted to order the state’s largest online school to repay something like $60 million in regard to the ongoing kerfuffle between the state and the school over its recent attendance audit. (Columbus Dispatch, 6/12/17) In a surprise to no one, school districts around the state have their hands out to get as much of that $60 million as they can. (Columbus Dispatch, 6/12/17) In a surprise to no one, this ain’t over yet. Lawyers for the school have filed a legal challenge to the decision and the way in which it was reached. (Columbus Dispatch, 6/13/17)
  2. In other state board of education news, the state supe made his pitch to them for cutting state testing. To, perhaps, the surprise of some. (Dayton Daily News, 6/12/17) In a surprise to no one, Butler County school district leaders agree with the pitch. In an additional non-surprise, they characterize it as a “start”, a “beginning”, and a “first step”. (Dayton Daily News, 6/12/17) Also not surprising: Patrick O’Donnell’s thoughtful and analytical take on the supe’s test-cut pitch. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 6/13/17)
  3. Three current members of the Dayton school board this week announced they will not run for re-election this fall. I don’t know if that’s a surprise to anyone or not. (Dayton Daily News, 6/14/17)
  4. The board of Sylvania City Schools this week unanimously approved a redistricting plan after much controversy and public feuding. How’d they manage it? By watering it down and allowing extensive grandfathering. Surprise! (Toledo Blade, 6/13/17)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,