Gadfly Bites 6/15/18 – Too much opposition

  1. Some folks are calling foul after the shocking revelation™ that ECOT utilized NDAs with regard to terminated staffers. You know which folks I mean. Our own Chad Aldis weighs in amid the Dispatch coverage of the issue. (Columbus Dispatch, 6/14/18) The DDN coverage of this latest sighting of the ECOT-Related Boogeyman™ does not include Chad. Luckily for the reading public, the education reporters in Dayton themselves are long-serving experts on NDAs (Dayton Daily News, 6/14/18)
  2. Back in the real world, here is coverage of Day One of that Lorain school leaders bootcamp we talked about on Wednesday. Sounds like a productive start to me. (Elyria Chronicle, 6/13/18) And speaking of Lorain City Schools, CEO David Hardy this week gave an assessment of his first year on the job. He predictably focused on administrative changes and organizational foundation building that will, hopefully, lead to academic gains down the road. Then he and this piece get lost in some discussion of Facebook, “likes”, and dopamine. (Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 6/14/18) The Chronicle’s coverage of Hardy’s remarks is a bit more concise: the CEO expects little to no academic progress to be registered on state report cards for 2017-18 and the district has won a $1 million grant from Achievement Network to support a dedicated academic coach, instructional tools and professional learning opportunities across the district. (Elyria Chronicle, 6/14/18)
  3. I think I’m missing something here. Mansfield City Schools has scrapped a job posting (and the job itself) of campus director for two school buildings covering grades 7 through 12. This is because they couldn’t find anyone proper to do the job, or because the preferred person didn’t get the job, or because something about the job itself raised hackles in the district. Instead, a “new” position called “campus principal” was created with some fascinating distinctions from the director gig that lend even mystery to proceedings. Anything for the kids, amiright? (Mansfield News Journal, 6/12/18)
  4. Despite some noises in that direction in 2015 and 2016, Ohio did not make a legislative effort to ban or cap pay-to-play fees for extracurricular activities. Because of that, the good folks at Granville Local Schools in bucolic east central Ohio were able this week to propose a school funding plan that would seriously jack up those fees for its school families. But if that sticker shock was too much, those same good folks offered up a couple of levy options as an alternative. Phew! (Newark Advocate, 6/14/18)
  5. Finally today, speaking of legislation going nowhere, it looks like House Bill 512 is DOA. Loyal Gadfly Bites subscribers will recall that this is the bill which proposed to streamline state bureaucracy by merging K-12, higher ed, and workforce development. (Columbus Dispatch, 6/15/18)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,