Gadfly Bites 7/14/17 - The "more on" edition

  1. As originally noted in Wednesday’s clips, here is more on this week’s Ohio Supreme Court rulings against the state’s largest online charter school. And I do mean “against”. It ain’t over yet, of course, but three rulings in two hours has got to be a tough blow to absorb. (Columbus Dispatch, 7/12/17)
  2. As also originally noted in Wednesday’s clips, here is more on the third grade reading test “controversy”, from a Cleveland perspective. Same “problem” here as in the other districts who begged (and I do mean “begged”) the state board of education to do something to help them out – expecting the alternative tests’ cut scores to be lower than they were and being horribly wrong. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7/13/17)
  3. As noted in the clips a few months ago, Lorain is attempting to build an Alumni Club of high school graduates in the area. Here is more on the status of recruitment efforts. Last time, we noted that district and Catholic high school grads were being sought, but this time we learned that alumni can be from “any Lorain school.” Interestingly, the district’s elected board seems a bit standoffish with regard to the club and what it might want. Perhaps it’s because the club’s reps seem to have shifted from wanting to raise money to donate for a new stadium at the Colossus of Lorain (a.k.a. its schmancy, new-ish high school) to wanting to help the district pass a levy and spend THAT money on a stadium. (Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 7/13/17)
  4. After some weeks of, well, who knows what activity, here is more on Ohio’s ESSA plan as finally approved by the state board of education. (Gongwer Ohio, 7/12/17) Said plan is now in the hands of Governor Kasich, who must approve it before it can be submitted to the USDOE. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7/13/17)
  5. In new news, here’s a look at the big changes happening at the former LifeSkills High School in Canton. The charter school aimed at helping students at risk of dropping out get a diploma and work skills at the same time. Changes include a new management company, a new location, and a new name. One of those things is probably more important than the others. (Canton Repository, 7/14/17)
  6. Finally today the dean of Ohio University’s College of Education opined this week on the NEA’s talking points about teachers and education. Wait. Did I say “on”? I meant “with”. (Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/12/17)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,