Gadfly Bites 7/6/18 – Is nothing sacred?

  1. While LeBron James is leaving Northeast Ohio for a new job out west, his family foundation is plowing ahead with its support of the new I Promise School in Akron. He promises to be there on opening day in August. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7/3/18)
  2. Meanwhile, in Lorain, bellyaching from the elected board continues as they dither on the topic of a levy. Oh, and there’s something about Ariana Grande in here too. (Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 7/3/18)
  3. Speaking of money, the premature shut down of ECOT early this year turned off the spigot of financial “clawback” of state funding from the school to the state which had been underway. Really? Whoda thunk it? Six months later, a new source of money may have been identified. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7/3/18) Back in the real world, here’s an update on the state’s effort to account for the dissemination of former ECOT students. Six months after closing, 2,300 former ECOTters remain unaccounted for. Some folks say this is not unusual because of the frequent turnover in online schools in general and because some 1,000 of these unaccounted students are technically adults – 18 or over – who would likely not bother finding another school to attend. Haters say otherwise. (Columbus Dispatch, 7/5/18)
  4. Editors in Toledo, opining once again about education, say that the secret to better education is attendance. Because this is Toledo, of course, they have to make sure to note that this is actual attendance, not just data which says a student attended. (Toledo Blade, 7/5/18)
  5. Finally today: Kids learning proverbs. “You can’t fight City Hall,” so the saying goes. We’ll see if Mentor High School’s hockey team can get their storage space back after being kicked out of the rink owned by the City of Mentor. (Willoughby News-Herald, 7/5/18) “Cheaters never prosper” is a saying that has come true for the National Academic Championship team from Eastern Elementary School in Lexington, Ohio. The team was belatedly declared co-champs after initially losing their competition to a team who used an illegal player from a *gasp* private school. Is nothing sacred, you guys? (Mansfield News Journal, 7/4/18)

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