Gadfly Bites 8-1-14

Some days, Gadfly Bites just writes itself.

  1. Editors at the Dispatch namecheck Fordham (“which sponsors high-quality charter schools in Ohio”) in their blunt op-ed on the new legislative assault on Common Core in Ohio. (Columbus Dispatch)
  2. All Sides with Ann Fisher had an hour long discussion about the new legislative assault on Common Core in Ohio yesterday. All but one person speaking seemed very committed to Ohio’s New Learning Standards. Worth a listen all the way through. (WOSU-FM)
  3. Public radio in Cleveland wanted to talk about the new legislative assault on Common Core in Ohio. They found Rep. Stebelton, Chair of the House Education Committee, to talk on the record. And he’s got the most reason to be irritated over the current legislative efforts. Audio is here. (Ideastream)
  4. In a slightly different take on the new legislative assault on Common Core in Ohio, a Libertarian candidate for state rep calls the new effort “cynical” but falls back on the previous Common Core repeal bill as the right move, even though that bill’s sponsor now supports his own new bill. Politics is weird. (Gongwer Ohio)
  5. As you all know, I’m sick of writing about the Columbus schools’ data scrubbing scandal, but this is one interesting twist. The EdChoice Scholarship’s second application period deadline has been extended for a month (into the start of the school year) due to the revised report cards issued for some schools, making some students eligible who had not been before. Link (Gongwer) I also include the Dispatch’s report on this because it includes comments from a Columbus parent who was certain his child was eligible absent the scrubbed data. He was right. (Columbus Dispatch)
  6. Lots of changes to K-12 education in Ohio - from how and when students are counted to how many hours schools must meet in the year and lots in between – are going into effect now that school is starting. (Gongwer Ohio)
  7. Mike Moroski of the Enquirer took a look at a list of “best” and “worst” district schools in Cincinnati and was moved to opine on why schools ended up on one list or another and what can be done to change this. Hint: school funding based on property taxes. Link (Cincinnati Enquirer)
  8. Here is another story of the court being involved in charter school sponsorship contract issues. General Chappie James Leadership Academy in Dayton – despite having attracted the interest of the state auditor for various issues – was successful in resisting an effort by its sponsor to non-renew its contract. It will be opening on schedule in a couple of weeks for the 14-15 school year, but it could be a rough one. (Dayton Daily News)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,