Gadfly Bites 9/11/17 - CEOMG - Parte Deux

  1. The D took a look at some new national stats on chronic absenteeism and compared them with central Ohio districts. Some not-so-rosy findings, it seems. (Columbus Dispatch, 9/10/17)
  2. The calm start to the school year in Youngstown – as we noted on Friday – lasted exactly one day. On the second day of school, the teachers union filed a series of grievances against CEO Krish Mohip due to “unilaterally increased student contact time outside of the agreement”. (Youngstown Vindicator, 9/9/17)
  3. Speaking of district CEOs, the Morning Journal says that Lorain CEO David Hardy “shows heart” in facing up to the challenges to success in his district and in detailing the work he wants to accomplish to increase success for students. (Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 9/9/17) In a follow-up piece, Hardy is said to be looking for “keys to excellence” among all of the public input data he has and continues to receive. If the experience of Youngstown is any guide, he may want to stay out of the teacher contract in his search for any keys. Just sayin’. (Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 9/10/17)
  4. And continuing on the theme of district leaders, editors in Canton opined enthusiastically in favor of a contract extension for their district’s CEO Superintendent. (Canton Repository, 9/8/17)
  5. Just so we don’t have an “all-district” edition of Gadfly Bites, here’s a story lauding the Head Full of Dreams Initiative at Polly Fox Academy. It is a chance for the students to affirm and rededicate themselves to their visions of future success and to the efforts needed to reach them. This is super important as the school is designed to help pregnant girls and young mothers in grades 7-12 stay in and finish school for their sake and for the sake of their children. Interestingly, Polly Fox is characterized in this piece as “an alternative school” and not as the charter school that it actually is. You know what that means in Blade-speak: there are now three charter schools that Toledoans like! I call that progress for every kid’s sake. (Toledo Blade, 9/8/17)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,