Gadfly Bites 9/22/17 - Doesn't everyone hate loopholes?

  1. More on state report cards to start the day. To wit: at least one state legislator is very very unhappy about state report cards, for reasons which are barely articulated in this piece. He’s got some support among the usual statewide public media interviewee pool. Fordham is namechecked in this piece as well, regarding charter school report card data. (WOSU-FM, Columbus, 9/22/17) Fordham is namechecked at the very end of this piece as having supported a “solution” two years ago to what is apparently a longstanding “problem” regarding charter school sponsor payments. Why mention that now? That “problem” is now seen as one of a couple of “loopholes” which might “benefit” ECOT (pronounced “not stop them”) in its efforts to regenerate into a dropout recovery school. And you know how journalists hate loopholes. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/21/17)
  2. The Columbus Dispatch has been publishing a monthly series on “The Future” of our great city, looking at various areas of civic endeavor and looking at what’s next within those areas in some depth. They have reached the topic of education this month, and one of the voices talking about “what’s next” is United Schools Network CEO Andy Boy. Great interview with an important but often overlooked civic champion. (Columbus Dispatch, 9/22/17)
  3. A brand new school has opened in Cleveland this year. It is a K-8 feeder for the popular IB-based Campus International High School in partnership with Cleveland State University and CMSD. Sounds awesome. Have a great year, everyone! (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/20/17)
  4. 2017 marks 20 years since the landmark DeRolph court decision regarding school funding in Ohio. And that is the only unvarnished fact you will likely learn in this piece shaped largely by the folks interviewed within it. All add their own layer of varnish to the story. (Columbus Dispatch, 9/22/17)
  5. We end today with a topic near and dear to my heart: dads. Yesterday was the seventh annual Fathers Walk Your Child to School Day in Stark County. A record 33 schools took part and more than 1,800 fathers walked 2,200 students to school countywide. There are lovely photos to go with this piece. You should look at them. (Canton Repository, 9/21/17)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,