Gamers rejoice!

Amanda Pierce
  • How does
    your opinion compare to the average teacher’s? The fifth annual survey
    conducted by Harvard’s Program on Education and Governance and Education Next covers a wide variety of
    education policy issues and found a growing disparity between the views of
    teachers and the general public. Take a look at the survey here.
  • TIME columnist and Eduwonk blogger Andrew Rotherham
    encourages parents to “kick a school’s tires” when choosing a school in his
    latest post. 
    He suggests that shoppers look beneath the label, go for a test-drive,
    be diligent (but not overboard), follow their instincts, and keep pushing for
    more choices.
  • Gamers
    rejoice! Quest to Learn, a public middle school in New York City, and is revamping
    classroom instruction with the help of game designers. Modeled loosely after
    video games like FIFA Soccer and Halo that require players to collect and use
    knowledge to accomplish various goals, the school crafted ten-week long
    “missions” that connect multiple subject areas and deliver a comprehensive
    lesson. Katie Salen, leader of the team that founded Quest to Learn, blogs
    about the school here.
  • The scene
    has been set for a raging debate in Springboro, Ohio. The hot topic:
    creationism. The Springboro school board is just one vote away from getting the support of
    the five-member board to push creationism curriculum in schools- an initiative
    that, not surprisingly, is facing strong opposition.