Give me a ???V???!

Dinwiddie Elementary School at Night

After years of relatively slow momentum,
school-choice proponents have been marking great strides in recent weeks.
Indiana’s House passed a bill offering vouchers to families making up to
$60,000 per annum, expanding the state’s program from 200 students to 7,500 in
the next year alone, and adding some worthy accountability requirements. In
Ohio, the legislature is debating
a bill
that would create an expansive tax-credit scholarship program. Near
the Potomac’s banks, meanwhile, the House has reinstated the D.C. Opportunity
Scholarship Program, though the Administration remains
implacably opposed
and the Senate is iffy. And earlier this week, the U.S.
Supreme Court handed down a ruling with far-reaching implications. In a
five-to-four vote, the justices upheld an Arizona program that offers tax
credits for scholarship donations made to religious schools. All this activity
is a fresh reminder: When it comes to promising school-choice options, charters
aren’t the only game in town. (Photo by Andrew Bain)

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