Hope for America???s Children: School Choice Yearbook 2010-2011


School Choice Yearbook coverGet out your pom-poms. The Alliance for School
Choice has released its 2010-11 yearbook—offering a visually stimulating look
at the nation’s twenty private-school choice programs, as well as some
background on the school-choice movement in general. The report declares that
2010 “showcased the resilience of the school choice movement” after a challenging
. A few highlights: Student enrollment in private-school choice
programs—defined by the Alliance as vouchers and tax credit scholarships—grew
by four percent (bringing total participation in these programs to 190,000);
two new choice programs were enacted with bipartisan support in Louisiana and
Oklahoma; and existing programs saw growth (those in Ohio and Louisiana even
exceeded their enrollment caps)—all amidst a troubling economic environment.
The yearbook rounds out with a recap of choice-friendly research from 2010 and
state-specific profiles of the various private-school-choice programs in thirteen
states. Like any yearbook from advocacy groups, this one is slightly
self-aggrandizing. But the fact remains: Private-school-choice programs have
come a long way since their inception twenty years ago.

Andrew Campanella, Malcolm Glenn, and Lauren
Perry, “Hope
for America’s Children: School Choice Yearbook 2010-2011
” (Washington,
D.C.: Alliance for School Choice, 2011).