Leaders no longer in limbo?

Once again, the Hechinger Report has dived into the waters of education-policy
reporting and emerged with a pearl. Its latest package of articles addresses
the need for—and dearth of—strong school and district leaders. (Gadfly has treaded
these waters in the recent past
as well.) As Hechinger articulates, excellent leaders are essential in the
formation and maintenance of a positive and effective school environment.
According to a 2009 New Leaders for New Schools study, principals account for 25 percent of a
school’s impact on student gains. Yet we face a critical shortage of strong
leaders, despite the factory-like efficiency with which education schools pump
out certified (but unprepared) principals. As Hechinger reports, this break in the supply-demand curve requires a
rethink of how we prepare school leaders and where we recruit them from.
Luckily, with collective bargaining on the ropes in states across the country,
school and district leaders might finally have authority commensurate with
their responsibility. And, if nothing else, that should be very good for
recruiting better candidates.

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