Methods to improve math skills come from abroad

  • In a system of over 6,000 schools educating over
    2 million students, Catholic schools
    in the United States are setting the bar high with graduation rates over 99
    percent and students attending college at a rate of 84.7 percent.  This article from Education Week credits the
    success of Catholic schools on their focus of the whole child as opposed to
    focusing on standardized test results.
  • Students in New York City are enjoying yoga
    as an alternative to typical physical education classes. The only dilemma the
    students face is whether to “om” or not to “om”.
  • Columbus schools are slowly veering away from
    “reform math” towards Singapore
    which move at a slower pace but
    concentrate more on understanding the foundations and basics of numbers. While
    Singapore routinely scores near the top on international math tests, the hope
    is that students here will dramatically improve achievement as many students
    who have been unsuccessful in the past have lacked the foundations of number
  • Despite cutbacks across Ohio, Reynoldsburg has opened
    for gifted students. The new
    program is for students in grades five through eight and groups the students
    according to ability. These changes remove limitations for gifted students by
    letting them progress based on their ability level rather than their grade