New Teacher Mentoring: Hopes and Promise for Improving Teacher Effectiveness

This volume is the work of the New Teacher Center (NTC) at UC-Santa
Cruz, a comprehensive teacher mentoring and professional development
outfit. You may recall that the federal Institute of Education Sciences
used NTC’s program as one of the two “comprehensive” treatments in its
Comprehensive Teacher Induction study (find year one and year two
results here; year three is underway). To date, that study has found
meager effectiveness gains from teacher induction and mentoring
programs. Undaunted, NTC insists that, through
instructionally-intensive, high-quality mentor training, districts can
ensure higher teacher retention rates and improve instructional quality.
Here they describe how their program has been implemented in four
cities: Durham, Boston, New York City, and Chicago. Looks encouraging
for teacher retention at least, but this is not a statistical analysis.
There is no control for other changes underway in those districts or any
proof of causality. On balance, this book describes an appealing
program but fails to rebut the IES findings. You can purchase it here.

Ellen Moir, Dara Barlin, Janet Gless, and Jan Miles, New Teacher Center
Harvard Education Press