Of budgets, unions, and... pizzas?

Andrew Proctor
  • With all the hullaballoo about public sector
    unions of late, Colorado’s recent Advancing Student Achievement
    Through Labor-Management Collaboration conference comes at an apt time.
    Arne Duncan himself attended the conference and gave a speech
    that addressed teacher accountability, seniority, and lay-offs. His speech wasn’t
    specific enough to satisfy Education Week’s
    Stephen Sawchuk, who penned two
    analyzing Duncan’s remarks on last hired, first fired policies and how to turn
    “collaboration” from a politically correct buzz word into a tangible, effective
  • Ever wonder what TFA alumni do after they finish
    their urban school teaching stints? In their recent Education Next article,
    Monica Higgins, Frederick Hess, Jennie Weiner, and Wendy Robinson claim that
    TFAers, more than participants of any other similar program, go on to become
    educational entrepreneurs of the highest degree.
  • It’s budget season, and the pennies are flying
    as nearly everyone in ed policy tosses in their two cents about Obama’s
    proposed budget. The Center for American Progress (CAP) has recently released
    several articles analyzing educational and other provisions in the budget. Of
    particular interest on CAP’s site are an article picking
    the teacher preparation portion of the budget and an interactive budget
    with which users can try their hand at balancing the nation’s
    balance sheet.
  • Race to the Top was great for states with
    winning applications, but what about the rest? A new study
    from the Center for Education Policy asks exactly this question, and finds that
    many states are actually sticking to the ambitious ed reform plans they laid
    out when applying for Race to the Top, even if failing to win new funding may
    slow the process down a bit. Also, don’t miss Education Week’s coverage
    of the study, which pulls out some of its most timely conclusions. 
  • What’s the secret to the energy of the
    protesting teachers union members in Wisconsin? Ian’s Pizza, according to a
    recent article
    in the Huffington Post. The pizza parlor, which insists it is politically
    neutral, has delivered over 500 pizzas to protesters to date and has received
    donations from donors in 10 countries and 43 US states.