Ohio Charter News Weekly - 6/22/18


New Ohio online school legislation

New legislation on online charter schools, House Bill 707, was introduced in the Ohio House on Tuesday. The bill would, among other things, create a study committee to determine how to better fund online schools. For a detailed breakdown of other changes in the bill, see here.

Charter schools are helping to stabilize Cleveland’s population

Cleveland’s population has been declining since the 1960s. The Scene recently reported on changes that the city is making to attract and retain young parents in an effort to stabilize and grow the population. And it looks like a focus on great new schools, including charters, is helping the city make some progress. 

New White House proposal to merge Departments of Education and Labor

Yesterday, the White House released a proposal to reorganize the federal government in a reform plan titled, “Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century.” The plan includes a recommendation to merge the Departments of Education and Labor to create a new department named the Department of Education and Workforce. Reaction from Congress, which would need to approve this type of change, was quick and predictable.

Charter School Governing Board Toolkit

The National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) has featured a helpful toolkit from Charter Board Partners in their resource center. According to NCSRC, the resource is “designed to support boards in building the best membership to ensure student success.” The toolkit offers tips and strategies for developing an effective and consistent recruiting process; creating a strategic onboarding process tailored to each new board member; establishing an effective board chair; and more. You can access it here.

Upcoming events

As a reminder, registration is open for a few upcoming events, including the School Performance Institute’s Purposeful Planning workshop (June 27, 2018) in Columbus, Ohio, the National Family and Community Engagement Conference (July 11-13) in Cleveland, Ohio and the 2018 Project-Based Learning Ohio Institute (July 24-27) in New Albany, Ohio.

Chad L. Aldis
Chad L. Aldis is the Vice President for Ohio Policy and Advocacy of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.