Ohio Gadfly Daily News 5-23-14

  • Two new bills were introduced in the Ohio House yesterday, with the intent of changing charter school accountability. Here is a good but wonky piece talking about that legislation (Gongwer Ohio).
  • Several weeks ago, we reported that the Lorain County ESC conducted a survey of registered voters in the county on education issues. They touted the results at the time as a clear indication that state legislators were out of touch with voters on education issues and vowed to take action in their county. Before we get to the punchline today, let me note that there are over 202,600 voters in the county and that the ESC’s survey was returned by approximately 620 voters. If this month’s primary election’s turnout was “abysmal” at 14.75 percent, how much more abysmal is a survey return of this size? Anywho, the “action” part of the ESC’s master plan seems to be cranking up just as school is ending for the year. A panel discussion took place earlier this week with a group of superintendents from districts in Lorain County. Here are three takes on that event:
  1. We’ll start with the tiny Chronicle-Telegram, which notes that Innovation Ohio’s Steve Dyer was participating and cheering the supes on, but there’s tons of unsubstantiated talk about Common Core and charter school funding in here that I can’t tell if it comes from the speakers or the journalist or a combination of the two. (Lorain Chronicle Telegram)
  2. The Morning Journal’s piece is a bit more precise, making it clear that the superintendents are not wholly responsible for the commentary being spun, especially on the charter school funding issue. To wit: “A lot of the people who are doing a lot of the stuff that is hurting public schools are counting on people not knowing.” (Northern Ohio Morning Journal)
  3. Refreshingly, the Plain Dealer’s piece dispenses with any mention of the survey and sticks to the words of the superintendents themselves. It sounds a lot more rational and focuses on problems the supes have with the state's method of funding schools (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • Class-A Cleveland curmudgeon Brent Larkin opines in favor of the Common Core. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • Speaking of Common Core in the Cleveland area, here’s a Q&A with a teacher in the lakeside suburb of Bay Village; her take on the Common Core is decidedly non-controversial. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • We conclude in Cleveland today as well, where editors opine on the potential value of student evaluations of teachers. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,