Ohio Gadfly Daily News 5-27-14

1. Lots of talk about dropout rates this weekend - in Ohio and in Akron specifically in a series published in the Beacon Journal:
● We start with a piece about charter schools’ dropout rates in the state, which the journalist says are making the overall number look particularly bad. Well, specifically dropout recovery schools…Well, specifically dropout recovery schools run by White Hat Management. This piece was also reprinted by the Dispatch this morning.
● Next up, a quick run through the numbers comparing Akron to Ohio's other urban districts…and LifeSkills Centers statewide and district-run dropout programs.
● Finally, an in-depth piece about a dropout recovery charter school that used to be part of the White Hat family, now on its own.

2. There was also a locally-written story in Columbus about dropouts this weekend as well, but the numbers previously reported by Columbus City Schools now appear to have been fictitious, caught up in the data manipulation we’re all tired of hearing about. (Columbus Dispatch)

3. In other news, Governor Kasich has made an appointment to the state board of education, filling one of two remaining seats. (Columbus Dispatch)

4. Speculation on the existence of “corporatization” runs through this story about business taking renewed interest in education in Ohio, but it seems like a pretty benevolent to me: "There's no reason why my children and grandchildren should be afforded a greater chance at a quality education than any other child," said the former P&G CEO. "But beyond that, our community's future is at stake. Large percentages of our young people are not ready to compete." Nice. (Cincinnati Enquirer)

5. We told you last week about the first hearing of a bill that would allow for the creation of “enterprise charter schools” in Ohio. This was sponsor testimony only, and this piece gives some detailed insight on what legislators are thinking about this proposal. (Gongwer Ohio)

6. Horizon Science Academy in Downtown Toledo was successfully prevented from acquiring its desired new space in the Toledo YMCA. So, they’re closing up shop entirely. Congratulations, Toledo. (Toledo Blade)

Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,