Ohio Gadfly Daily News 5-29-14

  1. In case you hadn’t yet heard, Fordham’s Aaron Churchill has a fantastic op-ed in the Dispatch today, who graciously allowed him to rebut the paper's recent report on charter schools and segregation by running the numbers and continuing the important conversation. (Columbus Dispatch)
  2. We have long championed Reynoldsburg City Schools as a district where reform and innovation are welcomed in the name of helping students succeed. Today, we are learning about a proposal to change teacher compensation to what looks like a full merit pay system – along with a cash payment in lieu of district-provided health insurance. The Big D got the info on this proposal via a public records request (yeah!) and no one in the district is quoted on the record, but the teachers union and BASA are. Could get interesting folks. (Columbus Dispatch)
  3. Ohio's new report cards got a big thumbs up from both parent reviewers and wonky researchers in a new study from the Education Commission of the States. Reviews cited breadth of measures, ease of interpretation, and easy accessibility among other things. Best of the best, baby! (Dayton Daily News)
  4. StateImpact's Bill Rice was paying attention to the K-12 education MBR last week and produced this piece talking about Common Core changes proposed in the legislature. Important moves underway with regard to standards in Ohio. (StateImpact Ohio)
  5. Editors in Akron were also paying attention to the State Senate last week, and late yesterday they opined in favor of the Common Core and of Sen. Peggy Lehner, providing a nice summation of where CCSS stands in the General Assembly as the bill heads into conference committee. (Akron Beacon Journal)

P.S. – Chad did another Common Core radio interview on WBTC radio in Urichsville yesterday, but I’m not sure the audio will ever be available. If it does, I’ll clip it. Suffice it to say, he knocked it out of the park again.

Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,