Ohio Gadfly Daily News 6-11-14

  1. Fordham’s Chad Aldis was a guest on Good Mornings with Chris Oaks yesterday, talking Common Core in Ohio. (WFIN-AM, Findlay)
  2. Common Core is also on the mind of public radio reporter Bill Rice in Cleveland, whose interview subjects seem pretty sure that attempts to turn back the new standards in Ohio will fail. (IdeaStream, Cleveland)
  3. Editors in Akron opine against the sausage-making exercise that is the budget process in Ohio, more specifically, the recent mid-biennium budget review bill. (Akron Beacon Journal)
  4. I know I’m going to regret fudging my rule against clipping letters to the editor, but seriously, when the CEO of White Hat Management writes in to take the PD to task, it’s probably worth a read. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  5. Aw man. What did I tell you? Slippery slope. Here’s another letter to the editor of the PD from a high school student who doesn't like the Common Core. Her conclusion: “Even though the idea of the Common Core sounds great, the cost of implementation and limitation on classroom freedoms is not worth it.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  6. Back to “hard news” now: The PD parses out winners and losers in the teacher evaluation changes contained in the education MBR. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  7. Ten years ago, the Ohio Coalition for Open Government and dozens of media organizations across the state performed their own “audit” of public entities (counties, cities, utilities, school districts, etc.) in regard to ease of access of public records. The gang felt it was time to repeat the effort, and so they did. The results were decidedly mixed around the state. Clipped in full below is the piece published in the Dayton Daily News. Other papers reporting on this today include the Columbus Dispatch, the Toledo Blade, and the Cincinnati Enquirer. The latter is, of course, of interest to us due to the ongoing legal action against Cincinnati Public Schools for just this sort of thing. Personally, I think CPS got a softball from the Enquirer.
  8. Every bit of today's Education Insider column is worth reading (more on the Reynoldsburg teacher contract negotiations will certainly be forthcoming), but what struck me most is that in just 450 words, the Dispatch E-Team tells us about bad actors in a school district (alleged gambling on the job!), a private school (bullying teacher/negligent principal!), and a charter school (alleged signature forging!). Is this what we call equity? Stop stealing education from children people!!!! (Columbus Dispatch)
  9. We’ve been following this story for a while, and just because Horizon Science Academy in Downtown Toledo was defeated in its efforts to buy the YMCA building for an expansion (and subsequently closed its doors) doesn’t mean the story is over. Toledo Public Schools got its Head Start grant, and plans are moving forward that include – of course – buying that YMCA building for preK classrooms. However, TPS must share its funding with an out-of-state for-profit group which will run a sizeable operation in the city as well. (Toledo Blade)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,