Ohio Gadfly Daily News 6-26-14

  1. It wasn’t on his Year One to-do list, but apparently it will be going forward. Columbus schools supe Dan Good says that future district budgets will be more than one page long and contain some details which are not currently provided. (Columbus Dispatch)
  2. As I write this, teachers in Reynoldsburg are standing on some street corner actively protesting the new contract offer from the district. The piece doesn’t specify what they don’t like, but you can probably read the FAQ to get some ideas. (ThisWeek News/Reynoldsburg News)
  3. As the dust settles around the K-12 education portion of the MBR, certain provisions are getting a deeper look. That includes the fact that the legislature’s "safe harbor" provision relating to Common Core implementation likely won't extend to teachers, especially in districts like CMSD where teacher evaluation based on student test scores is already well-established. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  4. We’ve been following this story for a few months now, and it ends where all but the most die-hard folks thought it would: AB Graham Digital Academy, a charter school in the Springfield area, has failed to find a new sponsor and will not reopen in the fall. Remember this is the fairly successful online/in class academy for at-risk students sponsored by and largely run by Graham Local School district. The district decided to establish its own program and ended sponsorship. No new sponsors stepped up and ABGDA is done.  (Springfield News Sun)
  5. Immaculate Conception School in Port Clinton, Ohio, is planning to shake things up in a big way within the next two years. Multi-age classrooms, no more tests, and performance measured by portfolio. One size doesn’t fit all indeed. (Sandusky Register)
  6. And lest all my loyal reader think that I only care about the big cities and the ‘burbs, here’s a story from tiny Convoy, Ohio (population 1,085), announcing that farming leases for nearly 40 acres of school district land are now available. I will say no more. (Lima News)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,