Ohio Gadfly Daily News 6-5-14

  1. As expected, the Plain Dealer waited a day before reporting on the education MBR. Their focus is on the changes to testing and graduation requirements, something with which we are all grappling. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  2. There was an anti-Common Core rally at the Statehouse yesterday. Perhaps you felt the thunderous presence of the mighty crowd. No? Me neither. Didn’t get much press coverage either, although a couple papers picked up a brief story via AP. The jist: a Common Core repeal bill is sitting in the House Education Committee; the sponsor and the ralliers want to get enough representatives to sign a petition to force it out and onto the House floor. For the second day in a row, I’m forced to type the words “there’s no way this will ever be a Schoolhouse Rock song”.  (Ravenna Record-Courier)
  3. The headline writer at the Enquirer has taken a chill-pill and returned to Jack Webb Mode (just the facts) for this story about a new charter school which will be operated by Norwood Schools starting next fall. It is a very small blended-learning model housed in a district classroom with flexible hours and pacing. (Cincinnati Enquirer)
  4. It’s graduation time in Ohio, as we’ve noted. Interestingly, not a lot of charter school graduations have been covered in the papers around the state. Here is a very nice story about the graduation ceremony at Townsend Community School in Northern Ohio, a charter which sounds very much like the one that Norwood is starting. Best wishes for much success to them all. (Sandusky Register)
  5. From the sublime to the ridiculous: a fight erupted at a Kindergarten graduation reception in Cincinnati last week (Cincinnati Enquirer), and a "pretend" cafeteria fight turned into a real food fight on the last day of school in Reynoldsburg; 8 officers were called to the scene. (Reynoldsburg News/ThisWeek News)



Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,