Preparing for Growth: Human Capital Innovations in Public Charter Schools

The growth of high-performing
charter schools and charter-management organizations (CMOs) is critical for
such schools to become sound alternative for more needy kids. To expand,
however, CMOs must overcome the challenge of finding superior teachers and
school leaders. To see how this has been done and can be done,  this
 Center for American Progress report profiles Green Dot, IDEA Public
Schools, High Tech High, KIPP, Rocketship Education, and Yes Prep and explains
how these models have dealt with organizational growth and their associated
human-capital challenges. It seems that these successful CMOs have three things
in common: They formalize recruitment, training, and support processes and
infrastructure; they get the most mileage from available talent by narrowing
and better-defining staff roles; and they import and induct management talent.
Toward that end, many of these organizations have developed their own
recruiting tools and candidate evaluations. Some offer extensive professional
development aligned with their organizational culture. Most believe in
cultivating in-house talent, often by identifying future school leaders during
the teacher-hiring process. Others have created and implemented their own
certification programs. Well worth your attention, whether or not you’re a CMO

 Preparing for Growth: Human Capital
Innovations in Public Charter Schools

Center for American Progress
May 2011