Rick Snyder: Ed reform???s sleeper pick

On whom would you bestow the title “America’s
boldest education-reform governor”? Mitch Daniels? Chris Christie? Scott
Walker? What about Rick Snyder of the Great Lakes State? A moderate Republican
who won office thanks in large part to the support of frustrated Democrats who
crossed over in the primaries, Snyder did not talk much about education during his
campaign. But his newly rolled-out reform proposal is a doozy—and in all the
right ways. Among his best initiatives: Make Michigan’s funding performance-based,
with school-wide bonuses for student growth; mandate that districts accept
students from across their borders as long as they have classroom space; remove
charter caps in districts with at least one failing school; create a rigorous
teacher-evaluation system; and tie teacher preparation to the Common Core
standards. Of course, all of these ideas must run the legislative gauntlet before taking hold.
Still, for now, let us say: Go Blue!

Special Message from Governor Rick Snyder: Education Reform
,” by Rick
Snyder, April 27, 2011.