Roadmap for Next Generation State Accountability Systems

Keith McNamara

With most states signed onto the Common Core
State Standards (CCSS) initiative, a major challenge ahead is aligning their
accountability systems with these new standards (and assessments). Toward that
end, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has developed this
roadmap for “next-generation” accountability systems. (This is version one.) It
details eight elements, none of which will likely startle you. For example,
we’ll need clear performance objectives aligned to the standards, meaningful
differentiation of performance between districts and schools, and timely and
transparent reporting of actionable student data. Also flagged here are helpful
resources (from groups like Achieve and the U.S. Department of Labor) and state
exemplars (FL, KY, IN, and TN) for those looking to revamp their accountability
systems. Not a bad start. Thanks, chiefs.

Council of Chief State School Officers Task Force on Next Generation Accountability Systems, “Roadmap for Next-Generation
State Accountability Systems
,” (Washington, D.C.: Council of Chief State School Officers, June 17, 2011).