School lunch special: Chicken a la... foam?

Andrew Proctor
  • KidsOhio just released a study timed perfectly for National
    School Choice Week, which polled parents in Columbus’s Weinland Park (where
    Fordham-sponsored Columbus Collegiate Academy is making gains) who sent their
    kids to district schools other than the ones assigned to them. Results show
    that parents were motivated by academic performance more so than reasons like
    school safety.
  • ‘Tis the season to be releasing policy platforms and words of
    advice to ed reformers. The latest comes from Education First Consulting, with Education
    Policy Advising: How to set your Governor—and Yourself—up for Success,
    Beginning on Day 1
    . Also check out
    Fordham’s Education
    Policy Imperatives
    (advice for the state), and Michelle Rhee’s ( policy priorities
    if you haven’t already.
  • Science
    results for grades 4, 8, and 12 on the
    National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) are out, and like NAEP’s math
    and reading counterpart results, it’s not looking so hot. While Ohio scores
    higher than the national average in grades 4 and 8, proficiency rates are still
    frighteningly low (we’re talking horror movie science experiment gone awry) –
    41 percent for fourth graders and 37 percent for eighth graders.
  • What’s
    in your child’s school lunch? “Bagel dogs” and “chicken foam”, according to
    Mrs. Q, an anonymous teacher who ate 162 $3 school lunches and wrote about them
    on her blog, Fed Up With Lunch. CNN recently ran a story about the blog, on
    which Mrs. Q laments that students who qualify for reduced lunches have only limited
    and unhealthy lunch options like pizza and fries, although she notes that her
    district has improved the quality of its lunches in the last year.