States??? Progress and Challenges in Implementing Common Core Standards

If adoption of the Common Core state standards
in ELA and math marks a state’s first baby step, then the implementation of
these standards will be its first marathon. To ascertain how well states are
moving through this multi-faceted implementation process, the Center on
Education Policy surveyed state deputy secretaries of education in forty-three
states: Thirty-six of those respondent states have at least provisionally
adopted the Common Core standards, and eleven were Race to the Top (RTTT)
winners. The major findings: On key implementation issues, like curriculum and
assessment alignment, states still have miles to travel. The vast majority of
states don’t expect full implementation of the standards until 2013 or later. And
one truly interesting nugget: Only twelve of the states surveyed plan to supplement
the Common Core standards with their own state-specific content. Another eleven
will adopt the Common Core standards as are, and still eleven more are
undecided as to their course of action. In fact, if there’s one message that
comes from the study, it’s that many states still don’t know what they plan to
do in terms of implementation. They may have started the race, but the question
of “now what?” still looms large.

Nancy Kober and Diana Stark Rentner, “States’
Progress and Challenges in Implementing Common Core State Standards
,” (Washington,
D.C.: Center on Education Policy, January 2011).