Students in the center

The Beehive State has the opportunity to
leapfrog most of the nation when it comes to creating a student-centered
education funding system. SB65, a bill that would divide student-funding
dollars into course-level units—allowing for the beginnings of “a la carte” education—sits
on Governor Gary Herbert’s desk. The innovative bill would also link
course-level funding to a student-based accountability structure. Content
providers offering individual courses to students would receive 50 percent of
the funds upfront and the other half upon successful course completion by the
pupil. This system will be especially relevant to Utah’s digital learners, as
it knocks down district walls, allowing students to take courses offered online
across the state. Utah’s proposed system, if faithfully implemented, will be a
giant step toward creating and holding accountable the high-quality,
student-centered education system of the twenty-first century.

can now follow students to online high schools
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