Teacher accountability making strides

  • Over the last decade poverty levels in American
    suburbs have increased by more than 50 percent. 
    As two-thirds of this dramatic increase came recently during 2007-2010,
    suburban communities have had to re-evaluate their community identities
    including how they fund local schools particularly in areas surrounding Cleveland.
  • Recent data on 8th grade achievement
    in math and reading compares the United States and the states individually to
    other countries around the world who also participate in the Program for
    International Student Assessment (PISA). 
    show that the United States as a whole lags behind in reading achievement (17th)
    but much more so in math achievement (32nd).  Meanwhile, Ohio is doing better compared to
    other states, ranking above the U.S. average for both reading and math.
    However, 25 other nations and 16 states are ranked ahead of Ohio in math while
    10 countries and 10 states rank ahead of Ohio in reading.
  • While challenging traditional models and
    expanding student options, public charter schools are changing the national
    landscape of education. However, charter schools are constantly facing funding
    and political challenges. In this report,
    the Center for American Progress identifies methods and solutions as to how the
    federal government can best support public charter schools. 
  • In Washington D.C. the new IMPACT program
    for measuring teacher effectiveness is making great strides in properly
    rewarding effective teachers while also working to improve struggling teachers.  In the last year, 58 percent of teachers that
    were considered “minimally effective” improved displaying the program’s ability
    to provide valuable feedback to motivate teacher improvement.  IMPACT uses multiple measures to evaluate
    teacher effectiveness including: student achievement, three administrator
    observations, two third-party observations, collaboration with other teachers,
    and community involvement.  For more on
    the success of IMPACT, watch teacher interviews here!
  • Teachers and school officials in Cleveland City
    Schools are beginning to discuss the transition to teacher
    merit pay
    in order to help combat budget restraints that have forced over
    $13 million in cuts this year.