The IMPACT of data beyond teacher assessments

D.C.’s classy new teacher-evaluation system,
IMPACT, is just gaining traction (even as the new Mayor is hinting that he
wants it redone). But the data generated through its process are already
finding other uses. The evaluation tool, which grades teachers based on
classroom observations and value-added measurements, has thus far been used to
fire instructors ranked ineffective (seventy got the boot under Michelle Rhee’s
reign) as well as to reward those in the upper echelons (Rhee also doled out
performance-based bonuses to 600 teachers). But District education officials are
beginning to think bigger. Most encouragingly, they’re noodling ways to use
IMPACT data to assess teacher-preparation programs, tracking both stellar and
shoddy teachers back to the source. Never mind about the NCTQ/U.S. News and World Report assessment of
education schools; D.C. is generating a homegrown ranking system all of its

schools to use data from teacher evaluation system in new ways
,” by
Stephanie McCrummen, Washington Post,
February 14, 2011.