The ???new normal???: No longer new, still normal

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Don't look so surprised 
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Though the specifics are still unclear, the
debt-ceiling compromise will—at base—spell big cuts to federal spending. And
that will, in turn, mean less money for the states—education or otherwise. Bleak?
Perhaps. But district leaders (and parents and the public): Pick your chins up
off the floor. We’ve been sitting under the shadow of this “new normal” in
education spending for some time now—and shouldn’t expect simply to wait out
the eclipse. Instead, smart adjustments can yield the savings needed. Don’t
slash teacher jobs; think about lifting class-size ratios or rethinking
Cadillac benefits packages. Don’t eliminate art and music; think about more
efficient ways of delivering them instead. As someone named Rahm said not so long
, you never want to waste a serious crisis.

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