The Porcupine Eater: Bees Won't Cut It in My Town

Beik D. NotFried

While most politicians wait to finish their
political careers before writing memoirs, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is bucking
the trend with the release of his new book: The
Porcupine Eater
. The volume, which chronicles the mayor’s story from cradle
to city hall, provides a compelling narrative of the man behind the mustache
and his commitment to, well, whatever Adrian Fenty didn’t support. To understand
the book’s somewhat peculiar title, we turn to the foreword by AFT president
Randi Weingarten. There we learn that she had recounted the now-famous Michelle
Rhee bee-eating
to Gray while the two were attending a function at the National
Zoo. The mayor became enraged by the tale, yelling “She thinks that’s tough?!?” before ripping
off his shirt outside the porcupine exhibit, hurdling the fence, and capturing
one of the critters barehanded … “He had this crazy look in his eyes as he
devoured it whole,” recalls Weingarten. “With needles still protruding from his
lips, he let out a roar of victory and screamed, ‘how’s that for tough!?!’
Right then and there, I knew this man had what it takes to lead the nation’s

Vincent Gray, The Porcupine Eater: Bees Won’t Cut It in My
(Washington, AC/DC: Quill Pig Press, 2011).