Too many As at ed schools?

Amanda Pierce
  • Do education schools give out too many As? A study
    released by The University of Missouri this month says so (take a look at what EdWeek says about the study here).
    When compared to the distribution of grades in other academic areas, students
    in education departments had an average GPA that was 0.5 to 0.8 grade points
    higher than students in the other departments, bumping them up to a 3.6
    average, “solid A- territory.”
  • KIPP CEO Richard Barth sat down to discuss the college completion
    with EdWeek blogger
    Rick Hess. To make sure that KIPP students get to college and stay there, Barth
    said they need to make students aware of financial costs, form partnerships
    with schools, and develop programs to support students throughout their college
  • Instead of shutting the doors on Newcomb
    High School
    in 2007, Superintendent Clark Hult opened them even wider,
    recruiting students from all over the world. The New York Times tells the fascinating story
    of the 30 international students who invigorated a small town in upstate New
    York and transformed a dwindling high school into a multicultural hub of global