Will Maryland ever place the educational needs of its children above the interests of its middle-class adults?

That’s the topic of my recent op ed in The Baltimore Sun.

History—and recent events—suggest that the answer is no, barring a fundamental change in the stance of policy makers and those who influence them. While public education in Maryland assuredly has bright spots and success stories, it's failing far too many of the state's children… Far too many young Marylanders are trapped in dreadful schools. Even in such highly regarded districts as Montgomery County, we find school after school where barely one pupil in five is on track for college.

What to do about these “dropout factories” and the schools that feed ill-prepared youngsters into them? Here Maryland has nothing to be proud of.

Read more to find out who’s behind this situation in Maryland.

Chester E. Finn, Jr.
Chester E. Finn, Jr. is a Distinguished Senior Fellow and President Emeritus of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.