“Quiet dedication” is the most apt description of the staff and administration of United Schools Network, a group of three (soon to be four) charter schools in Columbus. Dedication to hard work and excellence; dedication to innovation and achievement. And that applies to the adults just as much as it does to the students.

What is now Columbus Collegiate Academy – Main began operation in August 2008 with 57 students in rented space in a church building. Hardly ideal circumstances for fostering a revolution in education, but that inaugural class outperformed every other Columbus middle school (district and charter) in math that year.

CCA’s early success was a harbinger of things to come. Led by Andrew Boy (a prestigious Building Excellent Schools fellow) and his team, the school turned that one initial class of students into a network of schools that is strong and growing. As it has grown, it has maintained its dedication to underserved Columbus neighborhoods and through its success has garnered the support and respect of community leaders and business professionals.

CCA and the United School Network’s recognition and awards include:

A second school – Columbus Collegiate Academy—West – began in August 2012, again with a small group of students in rented space. By the following year, West had acquired a proper school building and began expansion, including the network’s first elementary school.

Intense and ongoing teacher training, high expectations for adults and children, support for all members of the community, extensive use of diagnostics, a commitment to success, a firm belief that all children can succeed at the highest level, and a passion to make that success come about. These are the values and expectations that have made the United Schools Network stand out in Columbus.

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