Phoenix Community Learning Center is in the midst of a structural renaissance. The school, Fordham’s only sponsored school in Cincinnati, has plans to expand their current school building, which would eventually add three classrooms and a media center. The improvements will be done to the basement level, wherein the total additional square footage will top 14,000 square feet.  The additional space will also allow the lower grades to occupy the lower level of the building, while the upper grades occupy the upper levels of the school building.

Phoenix serves pupils in grades K–8 and is located in the Avondale community of Greater Cincinnati. Founded in 2001, it is a stalwart in its community and has seen its graduates move on to prestigious public and private high schools.

A strong expansion plan supports a growing enrollment trend at the school during the past two years, under the long-standing leadership of Superintendent Dr. Glenda Brown and School Leader Dr. Elaine Wilson. When implemented, the plan also envisions total enrollment well over four hundred pupils. 

Charter school growth is one thing, but growth in a high-performing charter school is a cause for celebration, most notably for the students, their families, and the community. Although Phoenix has no formal timetable for the expansion, the old adage “the sooner, the better” is reflective of the excitement. Phoenix is enthusiastically taking public bids from contractors who may be interested in participating in their visions for the future, a vision which we aptly celebrate during National Charter Schools Week.

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