Last week, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute was lucky to co-host "Re-Imagining Teaching: Five Structures to Transform the Profession" with the National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY). There was a great conversation (both in house and on Twitter), with one key takeaway standing apart from the others: The education-policy world needs to listen more to teachers.

NNSTOY executive director Katherine Basset and Fordham executive vice president Michael Petrilli kicked off the event:

The panel then turned to an extraordinary panel of teachers—all of whom are themselves in “hybrid roles,” mixing teaching and policy.

We certainly didn't forget Common Core:

But Common Core isn’t the only policy issue important to teachers.

Josh Parker, Maryland's 2012 teacher of the year, won over the audience with straightforward and insightful points.

The policy discussants outlined the issues surrounding the gap between teachers and policies.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Fordham event without Mike's words of wisdom:

If you missed the event, be sure to check out the video recording of the event—and follow the rest of the conversation at #transformtheprofession.

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