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Liam Julian

This is also precisely why I've been avoiding the gym.

Seriously, though, this part of the article is interesting:

It comes as official figures show that pupils in all-girls' schools play significantly less sport than in mixed or boys' schools. The Department for Children, Schools and Families said that pupils at just 65 per cent of girls' schools did at least two hours of PE or sport a week???the official Government target???compared to 86 per cent nationally.

I would have supposed that young ladies enrolled in all-girls' schools would get more physical activity than their fairer-sex counterparts in gender-integrated environments. One of the reasons commonly provided in support of single-sex education is that because females won't be concerned about the opinions of masculine classmates, they will be more comfortable answering questions in class, for example, and playing field hockey. (Boys in single-sex schools, where are found no females in need of impressing, will, it is supposed, be less likely to act like asses. Highly dubious.) Perhaps our assumptions about single-sex education simply require more scrutiny.

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