Ed in '08 mastermind Roy Romer--whose lively career has also included stints as the L.A. superintendent, Colorado governor, and Democratic National Committee chairman--let it slip today that he thinks the Democratic candidate who amasses the most pledged delegates should get the nomination. USA Today's "on politics" blog reports that this standard

is likely to favor Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. [Romer] didn't pick up on a reporter's suggestion that the overall popular vote should matter, too. That's probably a disappointment to New York Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign. Romer was a national co-chairman of her husband's presidential re-election campaign in 1996 and became general chairman of the DNC in January 1997, while Bill Clinton was president and the nation's leading Democrat....Romer also praised Obama's speech Tuesday on race relations in America. "When you get a hot one coming in, you don't duck it, you look at it right in the eye," Romer said. "I thought he demonstrated that."

Ed in '08 has thus far bent over backwards to protect its nonprofit status, being careful to avoid praising or criticizing specific candidates. Careful, Roy...

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