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Liam Julian

It's nice of Jesse Jackson to encourage kids to study more. Irony exists, though, when a man who has spent the better part of the last several decades blaming anything and everything for anything and everything, who has generally shirked accepting responsibility for his own foibles, of which there are so many, tells students to "accept responsibility" for their educations.

There is but one system that Jackson won't blame, of course--the entrenched, bureaucratic school system. (Surely this has nothing to do with the fact that his Rainbow PUSH Coalition receives millions from the NEA.) Jackson is vehemently opposed to educational choice. He called Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who supports vouchers, "a wolf in sheep's clothing." He called the policies of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who also supports vouchers, "racist."

Jesse Jackson says: Blame everyone else all the time. But kids, if you're not learning, it's your own fault--take some responsibility for it. Bootstraps and whatnot....

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