Before I officially lose my right to comment at will, I wanted to pass along a couple good reads in the latest edition of Education Next.

Palace Revolt by Bruce Fuller does a great job of chronicling the efforts to drive reform in LA. For whatever reason, it's been easier for me to keep up on the efforts on the east coast, so I learned a great deal in this piece?especially about how the establishment seems to have successfully co-opted the reformers' grand strategy.

Rick Hess contributes a bit from his latest book in Fueling the Engine, a great look at how we might free up the education sector to allow new types of organizations to emerge and thrive.

The discussion/debate between Kati Haycock and Eric Hanushek on teacher quality is excellent.

The two research pieces are great. ?One uses an interesting approach to evaluate NCLB's impact on student achievement, the other asks and answers a fascinating political question about school finance litigation?very smart, this one.

This is all in addition to the comeback of edu-competitions, Robert Pondiscio's channelling of the edu-force, and an important edu-fact check on claims about charter segregation.

Until we meet again,

?Andy Smarick

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