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Don't miss the latest Ohio Education Gadfly! Terry, Emmy, and Jamie, along with Fordham friend Colleen Grady (at State of Ohio Education blog), discuss how the Common Core standards are an improvement over Ohio's current academic standards (and they name a few caveats and suggestions for revision).

Next, Fordham President Chester E. Finn, Jr.'s National Review Online editorial joins in endorsing the common education standards, and is targeted specifically toward conservatives who might otherwise be wary of the concept of national standards.

Eric writes up a section on Ohio's recently released NAEP reading scores. The bad news is that fourth and eighth-grade proficiency scores are perpetually low.

Also read about Columbus Collegiate Academy's recent ???silver gain??? EPIC prize by New Leaders for New Schools for their extraordinary student achievement gains ??? the only school in Ohio to win.

And be sure to check out Flypaper's Finest, some great reviews, and Editor's Extras for information ranging from online learning and a KIPP school's performance, to Drew Carey's work in Cleveland, and notable podcasts (on teachers' unions and No Child Left Behind) you should definitely check out.

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