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Amy Fagan

Today we've published the first of six papers, commissioned by the Fordham Institute, on the topic of digital learning/virtual schooling. The rest of the papers ? each exploring a different angle of this issue ? are set to be released on a rolling basis later this year. In this first paper, Frederick M. Hess of the American Enterprise Institute explores the challenges of quality control.

As Hess notes, ?one of the great advantages of online learning is that it makes 'unbundling' school provision possible?that is, it allows children to be served by providers from almost anywhere, in new and more customized ways.? But taking advantage of all the opportunities online learning offers means that there is no longer one conventional 'school' to hold accountable. Instead, students in a given building or district may be taking courses (or just sections of courses) from a variety of providers, each with varying approaches to technology, instruction, mastery, and so forth?.Finding ways to define, monitor, and police quality in this brave new world is one of the central challenges in realizing the potential of digital learning.?

Hess goes on to present an interesting and thought-provoking paper! Click here to learn more.

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