Loyal Flypaper readers?and even all you folks out there who stumbled onto our blog on this lazy Friday before a long weekend?have we got a treat for you! This week's Education Gadfly has it all.

First, Checker and Kathleen offer a sobering look at America's U.S. history standards, based off our recent publication: The State of State U.S. History Standards 2011. Expert reviewers assessed each state's (and D.C.'s) U.S. history standards and found the majority to be mediocre-to-awful. Collectively, the nation's standards earn a D. Read more to find out why this is so important, and what can be done to remedy the situation.

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Mike then weighs in on the dueling education budgets proposed by President Obama and the House GOP, and what both mean for education in the real world. Per the President's budget, Mike asks if the President isn't playing politics, more than thinking about the needs of America's students.

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The remaining news analyses tackle the long-term consequences (or lack thereof) of the federal stimulus package, the unique ways D.C. is beginning to use its acclaimed teacher-evaluation system, IMPACT, and the idea of a post-racial America.

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And that's not all. We've got reviews of the Alliance for School Choice's 2010-2011 yearbook, a Bellweather paper on charter-school funding and scalability, Wendy Kopp's new book, and the final report from CRPE's Inside Charter Schools project.

So sit back, take some time on this lazy Friday, and take it all in.

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