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Did you miss our event -- Are Bad Schools Immortal? -- last week? Want a recap? Check out the Twitter feed below for some play-by-play action.

alexanderrusso: Do they know they're on camera? Looks like Justin still has that mountain mad beard #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Are Bad Schools Immortal? LIVE online now: #immortalschools

PIEnetwork: Joining @educationgadfly webinar on #immortalschools - can anything be done to keep bad schools from staying open forever?

PIEnetwork: link for @educaitongadfly event on #immortalschools.. I think Groundhog Day is the most profound movie on existence

educationgadfly: Our event: Are Bad Schools Immortal? has begun! Watch on the web: #immortalschools

educationgadfly: For our report, author David Stuit found that district and charter schools rarely turnaround, and rarely close #immortalschools

alexanderrusso: Not to be a stickler but isn't the proper movie reference to #immortalschools something about the Vampire Diaries rather than Groundog Day?

educationgadfly: David Stuit: Issue at the heart of charter schools: Autonomy for accountability. Should mean few persistently bad charters #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Stuit: 4 possible options for a bad school: turnaround, moderate improve., close, stay bad #immortalschools

TheRebull: Arggh @DianeRavitch couldn't make it to Fordham event. Good to see @JeanneAllen as a panelist tho! #immortalschools

Brad_Carpenter: Should be interesting! RT @educationgadfly: Our event: Are Bad Schools Immortal? Watch on the web: #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Stuit: Study looks at 10 states, elem & middle schools. ID'ed low performers and tracked them for 7 yrs #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Stuit: 72% of charters and 80% of district schools stayed low performing. Only 1% turned around #immortalschools

PIEnetwork: David Stuit says #immortalschools study showed "remarkable persistence of low performance" among both charter & district schools

PIEnetwork: Stuit says #immortalschools study showed closure rates for bad charter schools only slightly higher than district schools-MN especially bad

educationgadfly: Stuit: MN had the highest rate of persistent low performers (district and charter) of all 10 states #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Stuit: We need more coherent metrics to judge what a failing school is #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Stuit: Charter schools by design should be shuttered if they're low performing #immortalschools

KnowledgeAll: @educationgadfly Stuit: 72% of charters & 80% district schools stayed low performing. Only 1% turned around #immortalschools. Discouraging

educationgadfly: Stuit: Individual charter authorizers need to be held accountable #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Jeanne Allen: Ravitch is right on one thing: There are a lot of people who don't know what they're talking about #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Allen: People throw around data points without knowing the context #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Have questions for the panel? Email them to [email protected] #immortalschools

PIEnetwork: Jeanne Allen says sucky charter schools need to go out of business, but says even with study, "we don't know anything" #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Allen: Need to demand accountability on how we vet data. If not we fuel status quo defenders #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Allen: When talking charters the "sucky ones need to go out of business" #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Justin Cohen: We've never looked at big picture change strategy. Cant tweak things and get better results #immortalschools

UchicagoUEI: RT @educationgadfly: Are Bad Schools Immortal? LIVE online now: #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Cohen: Got to stop with the light touch stuff. Pull the band-aid off and make big shifts #immortalschools

PIEnetwork: @juscohen says the real lesson of Groundhog Day is Bill Murray learns he needs to do things differently #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Cohen: I watch the movie Groundhog Day movie every year #immortalschools

UchicagoUEI: RT @pienetwork: @juscohen says the real lesson of Groundhog Day is Bill Murray learns he needs to do things differently #immortalschools

EducationSector: Justin Cohen talking about the real message of Groundhog Day for #edreform. Kevin Carey expands on this: #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Elaine Weiss: Is it productive to single out low performing schools serving high risk kids? No #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Weiss: Need to get these kids up to speed BEFORE school. Need high quality preschool and parent education #immortalschools

TheRebull: Weiss is full of excuses for the status quo. Has she been to a KIPP school? #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Weiss: Test scores aren't very good. They narrow curriculum. No wonder schools don't close down based on them #immortalschools

UchicagoUEI: RT @educationgadfly: Weiss: Need to get kids up to speed BEFORE school. Need high quality preschool and parent education #immortalschools

UchicagoUEI: Weiss: NAEP is helpful because it has not been gamed like other tests.#immortalschools

educationgadfly: Weiss: Accountability should be about support. Want to use examples from top 10%, and dramatically overhaul bottom 10% #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Weiss: Reason we're seeing Groundhog Day is because turnarounds and closures doesn't work #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Weiss: Many of these "bad" schools aren't bad. We look at data wrong. Schools well educate kids who start schools behind #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Cohen: Trip through bureaucracy is like an archeological dig of education reforms du jour #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Allen: Can't look at MN and OH charter schools in the same light #immortalschools

UchicagoUEI: Cohen: to say we can't improve low-performing schools is wrong. We have counterexamples that prove otherwise. #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Allen: State board in OH should have been quartered and feathered for stepping back and allowing multiple authorizers #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Allen: "Turnaround" today is another word for "site-based management" #immortalschools

UchicagoUEI: Allen: 90% of charters are working if we look at them on a state level. #immortalschools

TheRebull: !?! Weiss thinks resources/ tchers are equally good between high povrty schls & low povrty schls as her bell curve implies #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Stuit: It's easy to blame the test if the findings don't align with your assumptions #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Stuit: Schools matter. There are examples of high-poverty, high-performing schools #immortalschools

UchicagoUEI: RT @educationgadfly: Stuit: It's easy to blame the test if the findings don't align with your assumptions #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Stuit: Effect sizes of bad teachers are WAY bigger than effect sizes of Head Start and Even Start #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Still a chance to email questions for the panelists. [email protected] #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Union City, NJ is an example of a heroic political consensus. Lots of services, still bad outcomes #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Petrilli: Why aren't we having the conversation about desegregation? #immortalschools

PIEnetwork: Jeanne Allen: desegregation is off the table now because parents in bad neighborhoods are most in need of choice #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Cohen: I would love to see a federal comp to come up with innovative ideas for deseg that go beyond busing #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Have a question for the event panel? Email [email protected] or tweet with hashtag #immortalschools

PIEnetwork: @juscohen points out most businesses don't last after 5 years. Too bad kids can't vote with their feet like customers #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Cohen: In terms of charters and district schools, people want to go to their neighborhood school if it's any good #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Audience point: Don't conflate poverty and dysfunction in the home #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Stuit: Think it's hard to turn around an elementary school? Try turning around a high school #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Petrilli: Let me summarize: Poverty matters. School reform tries to severe link b/w demography and destiny #immortalschools

educationgadfly: Petrilli: We'd all agree failing schools need something more intensive #immortalschools

PIEnetwork: @MichaelPetrilli summarizes #immortalschools: turnaround efforts need to be more aggressive - need to be more realistic on defining success

educationgadfly: Petrilli: We might need to be more realistic on what we call a "turnaround" #immortalschools