A first look at this morning's most important education news:

Fordham's latest

"Reading guarantee will help stem the tide of drop-outs," by Matthew Ladner, Terry Ryan, and Trace Craft, Flypaper

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $200,000 to a nonprofit that supported controversial education reforms in Idaho, the nonprofit revealed yesterday in compliance with a court order. (KTVB)

The Wall Street Journal called California’s Proposition 30, which would prevent billions in education cuts through tax increases, the second-most important vote taking place next week.

Cleveland will not release new details about how money from next week’s schools levy would be spent before the vote. (The Plain Dealer)

Thousands of schools in New Jersey and New York remained closed following Hurricane Sandy. (Education Week)

CER President Jeanne Allen penned a CNN.com op-ed arguing that Mitt Romney is a better choice for education reform.

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