A first look at the most important education news from Thanksgiving weekend and today:

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"Hurrah for ALEC," by Chester E. Finn, Jr., Flypaper

"Social studies follies" by Chester E. Finn, Jr., Flypaper

On the heels of a proposal to close twenty D.C. schools, Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson plans to alter the district’s school boundaries and “feeder patterns.” (Washington Post)

Following Mississippi governor Phil Bryant’s exclusion of funding for public pre-k programs in his proposed education budget, local school district leaders are “devising creative solutions to ensure their youngest students get off to a solid start.” (Hechinger Report)

The Economist magazine publishes their take on Newark’s new teacher contract, which includes merit pay.

The Bronx High School for Medical Science is taking heat for allegedly blocking non-honors students from math and English classes. (Huffington Post)

Teachers see L.A.’s new teacher-evaluation system—which takes student achievement, student and parent feedback, and teachers’ contributions to the school community into account—as an improvement, but administrators see it as time consuming. (Los Angeles Times)

On Wednesday, the Indiana Supreme Court justices heard arguments on whether their state’s voucher program principally benefits students’ parents or religious organizations. (Associated Press)

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