A first look at the day's most important education news:

Fordham's latest

"Social mobility starts and ends in schools," by Peter Meyer, Board's Eye View

"Ohio wading cautiously into teacher-evaluation waters," by Danyell Lewis, Ohio Gadfly Daily

"The mobility dilemma: Have we lost faith in the power of knowledge?" by Peter Meyer, Board's Eye View

The Department of Education will announce six more NCLB waivers today, providing flexibility to Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina, and D.C. (AP)

The House panel that oversees education spending approved a bill yesterday that would trim $1.1 billion from the Department of Education’s budget, defunding Race to the Top, SIG, and i3 grants. (Politics K-12)

A NEPC study released yesterday called for slowing the growth of K12 Inc. (Digital Directions)

Aldermen in Chicago are pushing for an elected school board, rather than allowing Mayor Rahm Emanuel to continue picking members of the Board of Education. (Chicago Tribune)

A new CEP report finds federal stimulus spending helped shield K-12 schools from some of the effects of the recession. (Huffington Post)


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