A first look at today's most important education news:

Fordham's latest

"The credit-recovery scam," by Chester E. Finn, Jr., Flypaper

"The Louisiana teacher union employs a shameful tactic to stop school vouchers," by Adam Emerson, Choice Words

"Achievement Growth: International and U.S. State Trends in Student Performance," by Daniela Fairchild, Education Gadfly Weekly

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Joel Klein praised the performance of New York City’s charter schools.

An appeals court in Louisiana allowed the state’s new voucher program to proceed, rejecting arguments from teacher unions and school boards to stop it going into effect. (AP)

A lawyer for a Louisiana teacher union sent letters to private schools warning of possible legal action if the schools accept state voucher money. (Times-Picayune)

A CAP report released today analyzes states’ NCLB waiver proposals and suggests that some states may be weakening accountability measures. (New York Times)

Ohio’s state auditor is launching a statewide investigation of districts and the Ohio Department of Education over inaccurate attendance reporting. (Plain Dealer)

Also, don't miss the Ed Week recap and full replay of yesterday's conversation between former U.S. education secretaries Lamar Alexander and Margaret Spellings.

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