A first look at this morning's most important education news:

Fordham's latest

"Testing and accountability: We can't rest on our laurels," by Michael J. Petrilli, Flypaper

"Fair fight: When a religious group takes over a public school system," by Peter Meyer, Board's Eye View

TNTP, the organization formerly known as The New Teacher Project, released a study on teacher retention finding that many schools fail to identify top teachers and try to keep them in the classroom. (Ed Week)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to veto a bill today that would require schools to factor religion and other family beliefs into decisions to approve or deny taxpayer-funded tuition for special-education students at private schools. (Wall Street Journal)

Rahm Emanuel’s struggle with the Chicago Teachers Union (particularly over a longer school day) echoes former Mayor Richard Daley’s experience. (Chicago Tribune)

The emphasis on nonfiction reading in the Common Core ELA standards may put new emphasis on literacy in many history classrooms. (Ed Week)

Fordham President Chester E. Finn, Jr. and Jessica Hockett published a study of selective public high schools. (Education Next)

Chris Cerf was officially confirmed as head of NJ’s education department. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

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