A first look at this morning's most important education news:

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"Common Core opens a second front in the Reading Wars" Kathleen Porter-Magee, Common Core Watch

"Profit and loss, public or private: tweedle dumb and tweedle dee" Peter Meyer, Boards Eye View

  • Teachers in Washington DC will soon be able to see examples of great teachers in action. The district hired a reality television company to produce videos intended to improve the skills of its teachers. (NY Times)
  • A new study reveals that job loss still persists for the less educated. (NY Times)
  • The $400 million district Race to the Top initiative was announced earlier this week but will small districts even bother applying? Probably not. (Education Week)
  • LAUSD and the teachers union are at odds over the district’s voluntary performance review system (LA Times)
  • Families are taking advantage of the top schools in Cleveland, but spots are still open at some of the district's highly rated or specialty schools. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • Tennessee threatened to withhold funding from Nashville schools if officials don’t bow to state demands and approve a controversial charter school on the city’s west side. (The Tennessean)


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